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Exfoliating and massage glove - rose gold linen

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Body brushing improves skin elasticity and appearance, but it doesn't replace exfoliation, which the skin would benefit from. Our exfoliating mitt is made of natural linen and perfectly complements body brushing.

A similar type of gloves is used in Ayurvedic treatments (garshana) or in hamman rituals. Now you can easily use it at home, creating your own spa. 

You can use it for dry and wet exfoliation. 

What are the benefits of an exfoliating mitt?

  • Improves blood circulation which helps fight cellulite and improves skin appearance
  • It exfoliates dead skin cells.
  • It improves skin tone.
  • Relaxing, affordable beauty routine

How to use?

  • The glove can be used for dry skin massage or in the shower with soap or shower gel. 

How often?

  • Wet for the purpose of skin exfoliation max. twice a week.
  • Dry (inspired by Ayurveda) - every morning you can dry sweep your entire body with gentle movements.

Care: Hand wash, gently. Do not machine wash. After each wet use, hang in a dry place. The glove is a personal hygiene item, it should only be used by 1 person and replaced when showing signs of wear.

Material: 100% linen

The glove is made on a loom and hand-sewn.

Please note that we cannot accept returns of massage gloves as they fall under the category of intimate, sanitary and hygienic products, health and personal care items.

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