5 Benefits of Bamboo: Why to choose a bamboo baby blanket?

5 Benefits of Bamboo: Why to choose a bamboo baby blanket?

We keep hearing more and more about the use of bamboo for textile products – bamboo blankets, bamboo towels, bedlinen, muslins... It has become a popular choice, but have you ever wondered why you should consider a bamboo baby blanket?

Irresistibly soft baby blankets

Our bamboo baby blankets are super soft to touch (I wish I could just give you one now to try 😊). In fact, they do feel much softer than 100% cotton blankets. They are also anti-static and drape perfectly around your baby’s body in a pram or car seat without sliding off.

100% bamboo swaddle blanket

Thermo-regulatory properties of bamboo

Bamboo viscose has natural thermo-regulatory properties, so our bamboo blankets will help you keep your baby comfortable in any conditions, warm on cold days and cool on warmer days.

Bamboo blankets, with micro-sized holes in the bamboo fibres, are naturally breathable and allow moisture to evaporate faster than cotton. These properties help to regulate your baby’s body temperature, keeping them dry and comfy.

Bamboo blankets & sensitive skin

Our bamboo blankets are suitable for the most sensitive skin. Unlike many man-made fibres, it will not irritate the skin. Bamboo is the perfect choice for baby’s delicate skin. Thanks to an antimicrobial bio-agent “bamboo kun” contained in bamboo viscose, it is naturally hypo-allergenic and antibacterial.

100% bamboo baby blanket

Durability of bamboo blankets

Despite making our bamboo blankets so soft, bamboo viscose is an extremely durable and resilient fibre. It’s easy to care of and doesn’t require as frequent washing as other fibres which contributes to the longevity of our blankets.

Sustainability of bamboo

Bamboo is a sustainable and one of the most renewable resources. It grows back faster and requires less water to grow than any other crops. Thanks to the above mentioned “bamboo kun”, it’s naturally resistant against pests and fungus, so it doesn’t need any pesticides or chemical fertilisers. The long durability of bamboo viscose products is just an additional reason, why bamboo products are more sustainable.

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