Bamboo baby blankets

Keep your baby warm & cosy with our super soft bamboo baby blankets. You can choose from over 30 different colours and 8 different patterns.

Why to choose our bamboo and cotton blend baby blanket?

  • thanks to bamboo viscose, our baby blankets are durable, hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and UV resistant
  • the perfect choice for baby's sensitive skin, suitable for babies who experience allergic reaction to other fibres
  • our blankets are breathable - keeping your baby cosy and warm in any weather without a risk of overheating
  • wide selection of colours and tones
  • super soft to touch - you may want to get one for yourself!

Available in 2 sizes - standard 80x100 cm and large 100x120 cm.

Always follow safe sleep advice - baby should always sleep in the room where you are, day and night, in their own cot bed or moses basket, tuck in loose parts of the baby blanket under the mattress and cover your baby only up to their shoulders. More guidance can be found on