A quick guide to summer baby blankets

A quick guide to summer baby blankets

Is your baby arriving in summer and you are confused with how to keep them cosy, yet not too warm? Read on to find out which are the baby blankets and covers suitable for the warmer summer days, whether it's for strolls, car journeys or just at home.

Baby blankets for hot days above 25°C

Not the typical English summer, you may think, but we have had a few hot summers in recent years, so it is definitely a category that cannot be missed. Many of us also want to take their little one on a beach holiday, where not only the temperature is higher, but also the sun is stronger, hence a suitable cover for your baby is essential.

You may think that there is no need to cover your little one, when it's hot, but then think again - who likes to sleep all exposed? What about wind? What about an additional protection from sun?

Bamboo muslin swaddles

On hot days, you will need a light, thin cover or blanket. I recommend a swaddle muslin, ideally made from bamboo viscose, as it doesn't only have thermoregulatory properties, but is also UV resistant. Standard muslin squares are fine, when you have nothing else on hand, but a larger swaddle muslin would be my go for choice.

Baby girl pink swaddle

Light summer baby blankets

If you prefer a blanket, a light 100% knitted bamboo swaddle blanket or light cellular bamboo blankets are perfect. They are much thinner than our standard blankets, breathable and light. They can also be used all year round as a swaddle.

Bamboo baby swaddle blanket mint

Light summer baby blanket

Baby blankets for warm days up to 25°C

You may think that above 20°C it's warm enough for your baby to lie in the pram comfortably with no cover on, but think twice

  1. in the first weeks, your baby doesn't have the ability to regulate their body temperature - this can increase the risk of overheating, but also your baby becoming too cold
  2. your baby was used to being protected and warm inside the bump for 9 months at a much higher temperature
  3. you may feel warm walking and pushing the pram, but they are laid down, not moving to get warmer
  4. they only weigh a few pounds (especially when born), so they don't have much to keep their body warm

Often it's also windy, so it is a good idea to keep your baby protected and keep checking they're not cold or too hot. 

The best choice for these days are our lighter cellular baby blankets made from a blend of bamboo and cotton creating a soft baby blanket that will keep your baby cosy and comfortable during spring and summer days. These cellular blankets are also the perfect newborn blankets, safe to use from the very first day.

Boho cellular baby blankets

A thinner cellular blanket with a feather like weave, perfect for the warmer days.

Summer baby blanket

Zigzag cellular baby blankets

This cellular baby blanket can be used all year round, but for strolls on the colder days in Autumn and Winter, we would recommend either the cellular seashell blanket or the all season bamboo baby blanket.

Summer cellular baby blanket

Seashell cellular baby blankets

A bit thicker cellular baby blanket, the perfect first blanket that can be used all year long.

All season cellular baby blanket

Daisy Cellular Baby Blankets

Our newest addition to the range of cellular blankets with a design featuring little flower-shaped holes. Daisy cellular blanket is our most versatile cellular blanket - it is safe to use from birth and suitable as an all season cellular baby blanket that is light and airy enough to use in spring and summer, but when folded for more thickness, it's perfect all year round especially for naps at home, car journeys, as a mat to put your baby down at baby classes,...

It is made from a blend of bamboo viscose and cotton combining the properties of both materials and creating a incredibly soft baby blanket.

Daisy cellular baby blanket

Baby blankets for summery days of up to 20°C

When you are just lying or sitting in a pram or car seat, not running around, temperatures below 20°C can feel quite cold. For days like this, I would recommend our all season baby blanket made from a blend of bamboo viscose and cotton.

These baby blankets are extremely versatile and will grow with your baby. You can use them throughout the year, as bamboo has thermoregulatory properties.

Classic bamboo baby blanket

They come in over 30 different colours and in two different knit patterns - classic and macaroon

Macaroon bamboo baby blanket

Don't rely on tog ratings, rely on your baby

Every baby is different and feels comfortable in different environment, so as much as recommendations and tog ratings are here for us parents to have a rough guidance, the most important is always to check and go with your baby and how they feel. When it comes to clothes and covers, always have multiple layers on hand, so you can easily add or remove a layer as needed.

Always check your baby is not too hot or too cold at the back of their neck, just below their top's neckline. If they are too hot or even sweat, they are not comfortable and are at risk of overheating, take a layer (or layers) off. On the other hand, when their skin feels cold, it's time to wrap them up. A cosy and comfortable baby, is a happy baby. 

All recommendations above are based on my own experience as a mum, not necessarily an official guidance. 

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