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Baby hairbrushes: How to choose the best baby hairbrush?

Was your little one born with a full head of hair that is growing into wonderful locks quickly and you are looking for something to get them gently under control? Or are you on the other hand wondering, why your baby would even need their super fine, hardly visible hair brushing at all?

Every baby is different, some are born with luscious locks, others grow them in their first 2 years of life, but whichever group your little one is in, you will need a baby hairbrush. There is so much more to baby hair brushing than just neat appearance.

Reasons for a baby hair brush

You may have heard the old man tale that the more you brush your baby’s hair, the thicker and faster they will grow. Unfortunately, it’s not quite true, the amount of hair your baby grows is down to genetics, but it is crucial to take care of baby’s scalp to ensure healthy hair growth and skin appearance.

Baby’s scalp health

Brushing your baby’s hair regularly helps to stimulate the hair follicles and blood flow in the scalp, which supports healthy hair growth. A healthy scalp should be soft without any redness.

You may notice some dry flaky skin on top of your baby’s head – so called cradle cap. This is perfectly fine and it will disappear over time with the right care from you. You can read more about cradle cap and how to treat it in our article here.

Stimulation of baby senses

Honestly, scalp massage is so relaxing! Have you ever tried it? Making hair brushing a part of your daily bath routine, is a great way to bond with your baby and at the same time, it’s giving him a relaxing experience, that stimulates their neurological system and calms them down at the same time.

Baby hairbrush

Grooming your baby’s hair

The obvious reason – some babies do need their locks brushed to avoid tangling and making them look all nice and neat, but no matter how luscious and thick your baby’s hair is, avoid using a regular adult hairbrush and opt for a suitable gentle baby hair brush with softer bristle. Baby’s scalp is very sensitive and could be damaged if you used hard adult brush.

Boy with a natural baby hairbrush

Choosing the right baby brush

You can find two types of hairbrushes in our range – ultra sift goat bristle hair brush and stiffer pig bristle one. Which one to choose depends on your little ones age, thickness of hair and their scalp condition.

Ultra-soft baby hairbrush

If you are looking for the very first hairbrush for your baby, our ultra-soft goat bristle hairbrush is the one to go for. It has a beech wood handle and thick, incredibly soft goat bristle. This hairbrush will not detangle longer hair, but it is extra gentle to new baby’s scalp, it will not scratch or damage their extremely fine hair. You can also use it for gentle stimulation of your little one to help them relax.

Ultra soft baby hairbrush

✓ Ultra-soft – suitable from birth

✓ Gentle to baby’s scalp with no scratching

✓ Perfect for baby’s stimulation

✗ Does not detangle longer hair

Soft pig's bristle baby hair brush (cradle cap hair brush)

The second hairbrush in our range is made with pig bristle – still soft and gentle, but stiffer than goat bristle. It is the perfect “next step” hairbrush when you are already looking for a brush to bring your baby’s locks under control.

If your baby has a cradle cap, opt for this hairbrush which will help brush out dry flaky skin without damaging your baby’s hair or hurting their scalp.

✓ Soft to scalp, effective to brush baby’s growing hair

✓ Perfect for cradle cap treatment


Natural bristle baby hairbrush

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