Choosing the Best Newborn Blanket: What Every New Parent Should Know

Choosing the Best Newborn Blanket: What Every New Parent Should Know

Selecting the right blanket for your newborn is crucial for both comfort and safety. This guide aims to help first-time parents understand the essentials when choosing a newborn baby blanket, ensuring their little one's safety during sleep.

Cellular bamboo baby blanket - Rose quartz - Seashell Blanket Lullalove UK

Key Considerations for Newborn Blankets

  • Material Matters: For newborns, breathable materials like cotton, bamboo or merino wool are recommended. These materials are naturally breathable, allowing for optimal air circulation.
  • Design is important: Cellular baby blankets are designed with a weave featuring little holes that enhance air to circulation on top of the natural material, helping to regulate your baby's body temperature and reduce the risk of overheating​​. There is no guidance or standard on how many holes or what density should the holes be in, there are various designs offered by various brands.
  • Appropriate Size: Choose a blanket that fits your baby's sleeping space properly. It should be just big enough to tuck in securely around the mattress but not too large to pose a risk of covering your baby's face or causing entanglement​. Maximum length of one side shouldn't exceed 100cm. 

Safety First with Newborn Blankets

  • Feet to Foot: Always place your baby in the 'feet to foot' position in their cot. This positioning allows you to tuck the blanket securely under the mattress at the foot of the cot, ensuring it only comes up to the baby’s chest and cannot cover their face​.
  • Avoid Overheating: Use a single lightweight blanket when necessary, particularly in warmer months. Ensure the nursery is kept at a comfortable temperature—ideally between 16 to 20 degrees Celsius​.
  • Steer Clear of Loose Bedding: Keep pillows, stuffed toys, and duvets out of your baby’s sleeping space to minimise the risk of SIDS. These items can obstruct a baby’s breathing path if they move during their sleep​.

Choosing Newborn Blankets for Summer

  • Opt for Lightweight Fabrics: During summer, a single layer of a light muslin swaddle or cellular blanket can suffice. Materials like bamboo or cotton are breathable and prevent your baby from overheating​.
  • Regular Temperature Checks: Periodically check if your baby feels too hot to touch on their back or chest. Adjust their bedding or the room's temperature if they seem uncomfortable​.

Selecting the right newborn blanket involves more than just picking the softest option available. It requires careful consideration of materials, size, and safety features to ensure your newborn's comfort and well-being. By following these guidelines, you can create a safe, cosy sleeping environment that supports your baby’s health and development.

Light cellular bamboo baby blanket - Coconut Blanket Lullalove UK

For further information on safe sleeping practices for your newborn baby, please visit the NHS safe sleep advice and the Lullaby Trust websites.

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