Mr B Supertoy: A sensory toy and remedy for baby's colic in one

Mr B Supertoy: A sensory toy and remedy for baby's colic in one

Many babies suffer with colic in the first few months of their live – regular crying for no apparent reason that comes at similar times almost every day. It is not only a difficult time for a baby, but also for parents, as the exact causes are still unknown, it takes some guessing and trying to find out what would help your baby to settle.

One of the possible and frequently listed remedies for baby's colic is applying warmth onto baby’s tummy to relieve muscle tension and stomach cramps. Either we can give our little one a bath or we can use a baby safe heat pack. 

To make it that little bit easier, we are introducing our Mr B Supertoy - a sensory toy with a baby safe heat pack that can be put inside an integrated pocket in Mr B's tummy.

Who is Mr B?

SuperToy Mr B is a response to the growing awareness of parents about infant sensory development and was designed together with experts in the field of baby's development. Our sensory toy provides stimulation of three senses:

  • Baby's vision - high contrast colours - black, red, white - as the first colours your little one can recognise in their first weeks and months
  • Baby's hearing - stimulated by crinkly sounds
  • Baby's touch - a baby safe material with a variety of tags and labels for baby to explore. The arms and legs have a thickness similar to the umbilical cord.
Supertoy Mr B with colic heat pack

But Mr B is not only a sensory toy, the secret of SuperToy Mr B is inside his belly in the form of a reusable heating pack filled with a baby safe warming gel. The warmth will help your baby feel safe, calm and comfortable.

It helps to relieve abdominal pain, muscle tension and cramps. It can also be used at the start of a baby massage.

How to use Mr B Supertoy?

The Supertoy Mr B can be used without the heating pad as a toy. Thanks to the sensory aspects your little one will be amazed by the toy.

When you want to turn the toy into a baby safe water bottle, it has an integrated pocket for the heat pack to stay safely inside.

Baby safe hot water bottle for colic

To activate the heat pack, bend the white stick (activator) placed inside the pack (do not break it). Repeat a few times until the gel starts to crystallise. The heat pack becomes hot after a few minutes, reaching a maximum temperature of 54°C. The activated pack must be placed inside the secured Mr B pocket on its belly before use.

To prepare the pack for the next use, remove it from the toy and place only the heat pack in a pan of boiling water and boil for about 15 minutes, until all the salt crystals are dissolved. Remove the pack from the pan using a spoon, do not touch the pack. Place the warmer pack on a clean cloth or in cold water to let it cool down. The pack can then be stored for next use and reused about 1000 times.

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This article is informative, if you are concerned about your baby’s cry, call the NHS 111 line or see a GP. 

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