How to choose the best first baby blanket

How to choose the best first baby blanket

Are you getting ready for the arrival of your little bundle of joy, but are you a bit confused when it comes to choosing the right (and safe) first baby blanket?

Let me guide you through the main points to focus on when it comes to baby blankets.

Always a cellular blanket for newborns

According to the NHS guidelines and Lullaby Trust safe sleep recommendations, the first blanket for a newborn baby should be a cellular one. Cellular blankets are the ones with little holes which allow a baby to breathe even if they managed to cover their face with the blanket. It is also easier to help regulate body temperature and decrease the risk of overheating. This is especially important for babies born in the warmer months.

Bamboo baby blankets seashell pattern


Cellular blankets can be made from various materials. In our range you can find:

100% bamboo cellular baby blankets

They are both super soft. Our 100% bamboo baby blanket is however lighter and therefore it is the perfect choice for summer. Due to its elasticity, it can also be used as a baby swaddle. 

Bamboo baby blanket

Bamboo & cotton cellular baby blankets

Our cellular blankets made from a blend of bamboo viscose and cotton are suitable to use all year round. 

Cellular baby blanket

Bigger is not always better

You will use a baby blanket mostly in a moses basket, in a pram, in a car seat, where the space is limited and you don't want to end up with a lot of lose blanket around your baby. Excess material can be dangerous, as it can get in the way, on their face, etc and be a risk of obstructing their breathing. 

Our standard blankets are 100 x 80cm, which is enough to comfortable wrap your baby and you will be left with just enough to tuck in under a moses basket mattress. 

Sensitive skin

Baby's skin is sensitive and delicate, so you need to pay extra attention with fabrics and materials used for products that will be in direct touch with your little one's skin. Rough fabrics, harsh chemicals and dyes can easily cause irritation or even an allergic reaction. For that reason, we use materials certified with OekoTex Standard 100 in the baby class, so you can be sure it is suitable and safe for your baby.

In addition to the certification, bamboo viscose is naturally hypoallergenic, which makes it suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Baby essential you must like

Shopping around in the preparations for the big day should be a joy, so it is important you like the look of the products as well. A baby blanket is an essential item on your baby preparation shopping list, you will use it every single day - for naps, strolls, car it really is matters that you like the look of it.

At Lullalove, you can pick from over 30 different colours and patterns of baby blankets to match your nursery decor, pram or car seat colour.


Baby with a cellular baby blanket


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