What baby blanket is the best for you?

What baby blanket is the best for you?

Are you a bit confused browsing our site and wonder which baby blanket is the best one for you?

We offer a whole range of baby blankets made from different materials that will keep your little one comfortable in any season of the year. So let’s have a closer look…

Bamboo baby blanket

Our all-season baby blankets are made of a 50/50 blend of bamboo viscose and cotton, which makes them super soft and the most versatile baby blanket in our range. The natural thermoregulatory properties of bamboo will help regulate baby’s body temperature making sure your baby is kept warm on cold days, but not sweating or overheating on warmer summery days.

Our bamboo blankets come in two different sizes, six different patterns and in over 30 different colours.

Bamboo blanket size

You can choose a standard size 80x100 cm baby blanket or a large 100x120 cm blanket, which will serve perfectly as an adult throw as well. The standard size blanket is perfect for a pram, stroller, car seat or whenever your little one needs an extra layer.

Bamboo blanket knit pattern

There is a selection of different knit patterns as well – but is it just a visual difference or is there more behind it? We can split them in two groups – light airy knit and standard knit baby blankets.

The standard knit baby blankets are exactly what you would expect from a classic knitted blanket. Super soft to touch with a comfortable weight to it, which will make sure the blanket falls perfectly around your baby in a pram or car seat. You can pick from 3 different patterns – the classic knit (so called Garter stitch to be precise), macaroon and brand new “apple pie” pattern blankets. The difference is only visual, so it’s entirely up to you which one you like best.

Apple pie baby blanketClassic knit baby blanket
Macaroon knit baby blanket
Boho baby bamboo blanket

Then there are light airy patterns – boho openwork, zigzag and seashell patterns. These are made from the same blend of bamboo viscose and cotton, but the knit pattern creates a lighter blanket with air holes. These baby blankets are like cellular blankets, however much softer in comparison to 100% cotton blankets, and are suitable as the very first baby blanket. They are also perfect for summer months as a light and airy cover for your baby to feel cosy.

Bamboo swaddles & light baby blankets

If you have a baby on the way, this knitted 100% bamboo swaddle is definitely one to have. Our bamboo swaddle is made of 100% bamboo viscose and benefits from the material’s natural properties – it’s breathable, durable, hypo-allergenic, light, super soft and stretchy. It will provide thermal comfort and thanks to it’s elasticity, it won’t limit baby’s movement.

Being breathable and light, it can be used as the very first baby’s blanket or a lighter blanket on warmer days.

Bamboo swaddle

Merino baby blankets

Our 100% merino wool blankets are here for the coldest days. Merino wool is world famous for its first-class thermal properties. It reacts to the surrounding environment and temperature. During colder weather, the fibres will shrink improving the thermal insulation of the blanket. This blanket is suitable for even the coldest months with frost and strong winds - your baby will be cosy in all weather.

Merino baby blanket

Still not sure? Feel free to get in touch with any questions, we are here to help!

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