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Light merino wool blanket & swaddle - grey

Light merino wool blanket & swaddle - grey

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A light, soft and stretchy baby blanket with our popular butterfly knit pattern made from 100% merino wool. 

It is a premium all year round blanket that is gentle to baby's sensitive skin, unlike standard wool, merino wool is not itchy. It is ligh and stretchy, so is perfect as a swaddle blanket as well. 

Merino wool reacts to the surrounding environment and temperature. During colder weather, the fibres will shrink improving the thermal insulation of the blanket. Thanks to this, your baby will be cosy in all weather.

The yarn has the Woolmark Company certificate of origin and production, which guarantees the highest quality. Wool also has the Oeko-tex standard 100 certificate.

Worth to know

  • Merino wool is non-itchy
  • Natural UV filter - it provides good protection from the sun compared to other fibres
  • It is delicate and suitable even for the most sensitive skin
  • It is anti-allergenic
  • Provides thermal comfort even in very rough weather conditions
  • It has a natural protection against dirt - you rarely need to wash the blanket
  • It has moisture-wicking properties
  • Despite the dense weave, the blanket is airy and breathable 

Size: approx. 90x100 cm

Material: 100% merino wool

Yarn has OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification and The Woolmark Company certification of origin.

Care: Merino wool does not require frequent washing. Our merino blankets are machine washable, but we recommend only gentle hand washing in warm water (around 30°C). Alternatively machine wash at max. 30°C on delicate wool wash / hand wash program using a delicate wool detergent and settings with the slowest spinning.

We are not able to take responsibility for any effects of washing our merino blankets in the washing machine. Every washing machine has different features and settings of their wool program. As we are not able ensure all wool programs are suitable for merino wool, machine wash is at the blanket owners own risk.

Do not bleach. Dry flat. Do not iron, do not tumble dry. Do not dry on a direct heat source (e.g. radiator, floor heating, etc).

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Customer Reviews

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Soft blanket but lost shape

It is a very soft and not itchy blanket. Initially I was very happy with it and considered buying a second one. However after first gentle hand-wash, blanket completely lost its shape with one side stretching by over 30 cm in width. Blanket was dried laying horizontally and I took a great care to gently wash it in order to get rid of initial factory smell. I believe that there's a problem with how one of the edges of blanket is finished, that is why it is loosing shape a lot and this is a quality issue. For this reason I will not be buying another one.