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Natural face cleaning sponge FineSilk

Natural face cleaning sponge FineSilk

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Once you try this silky soft natural face sponge for make up removal, you won't ever go back!

Our natural sea sponge is suitable for daily make up removal and skin care even for the most sensitive, problematic or irritable skin. It's 100% natural, so doesn't contain any artificial ingredients, chemicals or toxins. 

It's not only an effective way to remove make up, massaging your face also relaxes face muscles and removes impurities from your skin.

Our sponges are ultra delicate, hypoallergenic, lather extremely well, and are not known to cause any skin irritation.

All natural sea sponges are hard when dry, but become very soft when wet. Squeeze sponge under warm water to soften it before use. Rinse the sponge thoroughly after each use with clean water and allow to dry completely. Natural sponges generally last much longer than synthetic ones and they are fully biodegradable. 

Size: 7.5 - 8 cm (shape of each sponge is unique)

Care: After each use, rinse the sponge thoroughly with lukewarm water. To keep sponge in good condition for longer, we recommend to soak it in solution of 1 tablespoon of baking soda + 1 glass of warm water for 15 minutes every week (when used daily). The sponge should be replaced once you start seeing signs of natural wear.

Note: Sponges are carefully cleaned, however we still advise to inspect them for any coral, shells, or sea debris before first use. Never place a sea sponge in boiling water, microwave, or dryer. Do not use any bleach.

Please note that we cannot accept returns of sponges as they fall under the category of intimate, sanitary and hygienic products, health and personal care items.

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