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SuperToy Mr B - sensory toy with anti-colic thermal pouch

SuperToy Mr B - sensory toy with anti-colic thermal pouch

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SuperToy MR B is a response to the growing awareness of parents about infant sensory development. Sensory toy provides stimulation of three senses:

  • Baby's vision - high contrast colours - black, red, white
  • Baby's hearing - stimulated by crinkly sounds
  • Baby's touch - a baby safe material with a variety of labels. The arms and legs have a thickness similar to the umbilical cord.

The secret of SuperToy Mr B is inside his belly in the form of a reusable warmer pouch filled with a baby safe warming gel. The warmth will help your baby feel safe, calm and comfortable.

It is also a perfect start for an anti-colic massage and helps to relieve abdominal pain.

Size: 29 cm (height without legs)

Material: 30% cotton, 70% polyester (excluding the pouch)

Reusable warmer
To activate the warmer, bend the stick (activator) placed inside the warmer (do not break it). Repeat a few times until the gel starts to crystallise. The warmer becomes hot after a few minutes, reaching a maximum temperature of 54°C. The activated warmer must be placed inside the secured Mr B pocket on its belly before use.

To prepare the pouch for the next use, remove it from the toy and place ONLY the warmer pouch in a pan of boiling water and boil for about 6 minutes, until all the salt crystals are dissolved. Remove the warmer from the pan using a spoon, do not touch the warmer. Place the warmer pouch on a clean cloth or in cold water to let it cool down. The pouch can then be stored for next use.

Always place the hot pouch out of reach of children. Pay attention when handling the boiling water and heated pouch, always keep baby at a safe distance to prevent accidents.


  • None of the parts are suitable to use in microwave, oven or dishwasher.
  • Protect the warmer from scratching or perforating. Do not use the warmer after it is no longer hermetically sealed.
  • Do not put the activated warmer directly on baby’s skin. Use only with the Mr B toy with the warmer always secured in the toys dedicated pocket.
  • The warmer itself is not a toy, do not allow your baby to play with it. Remember to always remove the warmer from the toy after use. Only when the warmer is removed, the Mr B cover can then be used as a cuddly toy.
  • The cause of the baby colic is generally unknown. Warmth and massage reduce spasm of the smooth muscles. The maximum temperature reached by the warmer is 54°C.
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Customer Reviews

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Przemek Rogala

SuperToy Mr B - sensory toy with anti-colic thermal pouch

Amazing Toy

I recently ordered this sensory toy for my newborn to help with her gas issues at night. This toy is a god-send. On those gassy nights, I put it in the cot to warm up the latter and put it close to baby. She sleeps like a dream.

Aga Zajac

Świetna rzecz 2 w jednym bo można używać jako okład i jako zabawka. Moja córeczka uwielbia patrzeć na niego więc czesto używamy jako czas na zabawę.