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Find the softest baby blanket for your little one that will grow with them and become a part of your every day for a few years. An essential on every new parent baby shopping list, our baby blankets offer more than just cosiness – they're about comfort, security, and love.

Light 100% Bamboo Baby Blankets: Experience nature's softest touch with our hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating bamboo selections.

All Season Bamboo Baby Blankets: Combining the benefits of bamboo and cotton, these baby blankets will provide maximum comfort for your baby all year round.

Baby Swaddles: Snugness, cosiness and style, our swaddles help recreating the womb's comforting feel.

Merino Blankets: Sourced from the finest merino wool, these blankets keep babies warm in cold and cool in heat, without the itchiness of standard wool!

All our baby blankets are made from natural materials, unbeatably soft and suitable for baby's sensitive skin.