Sensory toys

Collection: Sensory toys

Babies learn through play. It's important to offer your baby appropriate impulses and toys to help them develop all their senses. 

Although your baby can see from birth, their vision is not yet developed - they need to adapt to the world outside and at first, their vision is blurry. In the first couple of months of life, your baby will learn to focus their eyes. It's important for you to encourage your baby to follow a toy with their eyes to develop their sight and focus

At this age, your baby won't be able to recognise different tones and subtle colours. There will be no difference for example between red and orange for them. At this time, you should look for high-contrast colour toys - black, white and red are the most easily recognisable colours to catch their attention.

Until your baby is around 5 months old, they will prefer primary colours. As much as you like the pastel coloured super-stylish play mat, chances are, your baby will be less impressed. 

When developing our sensory toys range, we took into consideration all that is known about babies development - we use high contrast colours, toys are made from various (baby safe) materials to also develop their sense of touch and crinkly foil will help stimulate their hearing.