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Set of 2 Natural Baby Brushes - Gentle Cradle Cap and Ultra-Soft Brush

Set of 2 Natural Baby Brushes - Gentle Cradle Cap and Ultra-Soft Brush

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Discover the ultimate grooming duo for your baby with our Set of 2 Baby Brushes, featuring a robust pig bristle brush for cradle cap and a supremely soft goat bristle brush. Designed with your baby's delicate needs in mind, each brush in this set caters to different aspects of hair and scalp care, ensuring a gentle, soothing experience from day one.

Cradle Cap Brush: Our Cradle Cap Baby Brush, crafted with 100% natural pig bristles and a sturdy wooden handle, is the ideal solution for your little one's sensitive skin. It's designed to tenderly comb through your baby's first locks while providing a gentle massage to the scalp. This stimulation helps address the stubborn, flaky skin associated with cradle cap, promoting healthier hair growth and scalp condition.

This hairbrush is also suitable for brushing fine baby's hair, as the pig bristles are sturdy enough to tackle knots and tangles, making it a versatile tool in your baby's grooming kit.

Ultra-Soft Hair Brush: Experience the softness of our Baby Hair Brush made from natural goat's bristles with a wooden handle. Suitable for use from the very first days, this brush is perfect for even the most sensitive skin. The ultra-soft bristles ensure a relaxing massage for the scalp, neck, and back, making it an ideal tool for calming your baby. Whether it's for a gentle scalp massage or grooming those first precious hairs, this brush provides comfort and care.

Why Massage Matters: Even if your baby has little to no hair, the benefits of scalp massage cannot be overstated. Visit our blog to learn more about the importance of brushing your baby's hair and the positive effects it has on their wellbeing.


  • Cradle Cap Brush: 100% Pig Bristle, Wooden Handle
  • Soft Brush: 100% Goat Bristle, Wooden Handle

Care Instructions: Maintain the quality of your baby brushes by gently combing out any hair or dust. Avoid washing with water or storing in a humid environment to preserve the integrity of the wooden handles and prevent cracking.

Please Note: Due to hygiene and health standards, we are unable to accept returns of hairbrushes. This policy ensures the highest level of sanitation for our products, classified under intimate, sanitary, and hygienic items.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
A. Kowalski
Great set

The best baby brushes, the soft one is incredibly soft, more for a baby with little hair or massage.


would buy again

Sophia Johnson
Cute set

Cute brushes, came in a lovely linen bag

Wo?niak Emilia

Great brushes


So much better that the standard plastic set, not just the look, but the feel too