Baby essentials

Collection: Baby essentials

The most wonderful and rewarding time is right ahead for any new parent, maybe there are also some sleepless nights and tired days ahead, but don't worry, it's all well worth it! Moreover, we've got you covered with some of the baby essentials that will make your loved little one feel cosy, warm and calmer.

Top 7 baby essentials

Here are the baby essentials we would recommend (as parents ourselves :)) as must-haves for sleeping and bath times:

  • 2 all year round baby blankets for walks, travels and use in moses basket at home (always follow safe sleep advice)
  • 1 swaddle to calm your baby down for sleeping (our blanket swaddle can also be used as a light blanket for older babies - so unlike traditional swaddles, you will use ours for months and years to come)
  • 2 sleeping bags (1.5 tog and 2.5 tog, depending on the season, unfortunately not in Lullalove range yet)
  • 2 soft baby bath towels
  • 1 baby hairbrush
  • simple sensory toys in high contrast colours to help your baby develop from their first days
  • SuperToy Mr B - sensory toy with anti-colic thermal pouch - a unique product that was a rescue for us when our little daughter struggled with evening time colic